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TR-1 Special and Progress Inspections

dir 14.jpg

Final Inspection

Directive 14

Inspection of entire project for code compliance.


Fire-resistant penetrations.jpg

Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints

Inspection of firestopping of wall penetrations in fire rated walls and lfloors.


Lowest Floor Elevation.jpg

Lowest Floor Elevation

Property analysis to obtain the lowest floor elevation for the purpose of flood-proofing the lowest floor.


Sprayed Fire Resistant Beams.jpg

Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials

Inspection of sprayed-on fireproofing for steel.


Flood Zone.png

Flood Zone Compliance

Review and certification of the project premises to comply with FEMA flood maps.


Fire Rated Construction.jpg

Fire-Resistance Rated Construction

Inspection to determine compliance with the approved drawings pertaining to fire-rated constructionassemblies.


Intumescent Fireproofing.png

Mastic and Intumescent Fireproofing

Inspection of intumescent coating fireproofing for steel.


Luminous Exit Sign.jpg

Luminous Egress path Markings

Review of egress paths luminous markings as required by code.


Energy Compliance.jpg

NYC ECC Energy Code Compliance

Review of the project building envelope to comply with the NYC Energy Codes. MEP Systems excluded.


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